SUNDAY THOUGHTS: I could rip my heart for you.

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Caring for someone too much is like giving a part of your whole existence.

There are just those days in our lives that we value people too much even though we know that prioritizing their welfare more that yours could be painful.

Sometimes, I would wonder if some people cherish me as much as I cherish them. I would think often if they include me in their priorities even if that means I would come last.

As part of my SUNDAY THOUGHTS column, I would want to share to you the stretches I could go through for my loved ones and for my friends.

  1. Attention

On sweltering days, even though the heat takes all the patience and goodness in you, you’d remember them and ask them how they have been doing these days.

On rainy afternoons, you’d stumble on their names in your phone or newsfeed and you’d hit the message button to start a chat up.

On cold and lonesome evenings, you’d call them before hitting the sack and wish their day had been as awesome as ever.

   2. Time

Take a moment to book your next trip back home to where your loved ones are. People are not getting any younger, and you are not an exception as well.

Check the next promo for air fares and risk to share another adventure with your closest friends.

  3. A Yes!

After weighing things, and finding out that a NO is beneficial for you, for quite some time of an offer a friend has been asking, think again if a YES is fair enough as well. If you won’t lose a dime to say YES, then say so.

   4. Space

Because no matter how much you wanted to be with them, there  will always be a time in between that you both need space to recollect each other’s priorities.

 5. Love

without the ego and more of prayer. ♥ Nothing beats.







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