He is the Right Guy When…


A lot of us, girls, dream of finding the right guy who exudes the prince charming aura and who sweeps us off our feet. But dreams, though are only products of our imagination and thoughts, do come true.

He is the right one for you and is going to make you feel enthralled and exhilarated when:

  1. He appreciates you.

When we were younger, we would tell ourselves that no one appreciates what we do. We cry ourselves to sleep or laugh our butts out but we believe that absolutely no one know how we really feel inside.

But one day, a man will come knocking at our door and recognise out full worth. He will admire the way we laugh even though we feel weird about it, or will think highly of us even though we see ourselves as the dumbest creature ever created.

He will appreciate you for being YOU.

 2. He makes you happy.

Even in the darkest days of your life, he will serve as your light. He will make you laugh even in the most inappropriate time just by glancing and making faces. So weird.

The happiness he brings cannot be expressed through words because you feel it. Your burdens go away and you feel lighter by the time you see him. That is how he makes you feel… happy.


  3. He encourages you.

A task which you deem unthinkable to be done by you? Well, don’t fuss because a cheerleader, *your #1 cheerleader* and sometimes your helping hand, is always at your back *or side*. He supports your dreams and goals in life and thinks that what you are passionate about is nothing to be belittled of.

He just makes everything feel so easy even with just his voice telling you “YOU CAN DO IT.”

He trusts and believes in you even when you cannot do that to yourself… This, girl, is how encouragement is done.


4. He respects your body and mind.

On a daily basis that your find your perspective in any matter contrasting, he still acknowledges your points and does not negate you and disparage your words. He knows that your body and mind are two things to be respected of.


 5. He loves you.

No other emotion is felt when he is around because what dominates is your love for each other. The feeling of warmth and happiness reflects your affection with each other. Simply put, he loves you and you love him.



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