“I should’ve done this….”

“These things should not have happened if…”

“I should’ve started doing the…”


During these times, as problems start to pile up and stress tries to bury one alive, I realised that I have made a lot of opportunities disappear even though they were already at the palm of my hand.


I have a lot of them. You?


I regret not trying to communicate with friends even though I knew they were a text or a call or a private message (PM) away. Time went by and people seems so far away. This time around I just found out that so much have happened in their lives which I wished I was part of. I wanted to be with them when they were happy and most especially during their downing moments. I regret.


I regret not taking care of myself and instead binge myself with junk (thoughts and everything else). I realised these stuff most when I am already sick and my finances are already screaming at me. I regret.


(c) Harumi Hironaka

I regret not starting the things earlier, not reading the books I wanted to read sooner, not starving myself with information I longed wanted to know. I regret even up to now.


I regret not pushing myself to work harder to achieve my goals — to have my own business, to take up a master’s degree, to inspire others through my words. The list goes on. But still, I regret.


I regret not saving enough for travelling. Being a working girl for more than two years now, one of the firsts that I wanted to accomplish after graduation was to go abroad and try and experience other cultures while I am still capable. But of course, you won’t want to hear the countless reasons why I had not saved at all. A regret? Absolutely!


And, I regret not going home to my family when I had the ample time and finances. I know I will still regret in the future for not doing so. I miss home. ♥

Do you share the same regrets as I do? Comment below.




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