TO: The Friends Who Stayed; Who Left


It seems that it has been days since I last made a post about something personal, something so close to my heart — friends.


At a young (or at any) age, you may have had a group of friends whom you thought would stay beside you through thick or thin… or might have none.

There might have those moments when you felt so left out and would ask yourself if you ¬†have done something wrong… those moments when you long for company but couldn’t find one.

Day by day, I would think about the friends who stayed even though we lack the personal warmth of embraces, or the long conversations we usually do. Other days, I would sulk myself on the thought of the friends who distanced themselves from me.

Have you experienced such scenarios as well?

One time, I experienced one of the most downing moment of my career and found only a few who cared to listen to my sentiments through call. However, I was still left inside my room, sobbing and drowning my self with tears from my own desperation.

As I was trying myself to cheer myself up with the internet’s companionship, I came to a site which offers a community away from anger and shame, from rejections¬†and depression. It was a site where I felt home, an online community where I can share my thoughts, my mind.



This site has been very helpful to me even until now that I have overcame my anxiety and depression. I found and met new friends even in their anonymity.

I hope this post would bring you happiness as much as I do. We might bump into each other in this community. Please say hi.

Isn’t their website such a cutie? Plus there’s this panda… uhh, wait. I love pandas!!!


Hello friends!



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