Read this if your Past is Haunting You


Ever experienced sleepless night because of recurring thoughts and memories?

Ever lingered to past mistakes from a conversation with a family member or a friend, a job experience, a longtime relationship?

Everyone makes mistakes but not all copes up the same way. Some would take days or weeks while others would take years to fully move on.

No matter how long you have been hurting, there will always be a brighter day ahead of you (while you are also reading this post).

So here are ways to help yourself to move on.

  • Think of even the least good things you have done to people
    • You are not a totally bad person, remember that.
    • Sometime somewhere, you took a bullet for someone (of course, not literally)
    • You have a lot of great things to offer to other people as well so do not dwell on a mistake made on a single person!!!


  • Accept, even though it hurts
    • Denial brings more burden to one’s shoulders. Stop it.
    • Instead of denying that things have happened in a bad light, try accepting that you have done something wrong but have learned from it.


  • Don’t let yourself get rundown
    • Too affected and start overeating? Stop messing with your body!
    • Haven’t done the usual things that you do? Exercising? Going out with friends? Depriving yourself from good company? STOP IT! Refraining yourself from such activities will just worsen the situation.
    • Get yourself up and start moving.


  • Soothe and refresh
    • Renew yourself.
    • You could start by having a new look? Haircut?
    • Read good and positive books; have a journal.
    • Try the things you have been meaning to try.
    • Listen to upbeat songs.


  • Be patient and courageous with yourself.
    • Things may have gone astray in the past but always remember that days don’t stay such always.
    • Brighter days are coming.
    • When the rain stops, a rainbow will show. There’s always hope.
    • No one will be brave enough for you but yourself.


I have been down for so long until I realised that moments are not always that bad. I cried a bucketful of tears but it did not stop me from believing that I could soon be shifted from the toppling moment.

You should be too.

We may have a different kind of painful experiences from the past that we need to move on from but the same mindset is necessary for us to get out of it…alive.. And that is to BELIEVE.


Have a great day!





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