Love Them or Hate Them: THE ME GENERATION


Pope Asia Smartphone Mania Photo Gallery

In this Friday, Jan. 16, 2015, photo, Filipino Catholics prepare to take photos, using their mobile phones and tablets, of Pope Francis aboard his Popemobile in Manila, Philippines. Pope Francis is here on a five-day apostolic visit in this predominantly Catholic nation in Asia. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

Hey guys!

In an article published by ENTREPRENEUR Magazine, the “Me Generation,” also known as the “New Greatest Generation” and the “Millennials,” is the generation of young adults born in the 80’s to the early 2000s.

Stereotypically, they are fickle-minded, shallow, too full of themselves and impatient on the future that awaits them.

But whether you will love them or hate them, there is no stopping for the Millennials as they conquer the world of the Entrepreneurial industry.

Here are some of the characteristics of Millennials that you could be proud of and might consider in employing them into your workforce:

  1. Millennials are technology-savvy.

Born with the technology on their doorsteps, the Millennials are adept to the fast-changing pace of technology nowadays. The Internet (World Wide Web) is their portal, their home.

  1. Millennials are innovative.

They wanted a work to be done fast, as they are known to be impatient. They innovate of a better way for task to be done and wanted to enjoy the thought of instantaneity of almost everything through, of course, the aid of technology in their palms.

  1. Millennials are fickle-minded.

Tagged as the least loyal compared to traditional traders and marketers, the Millennials are often part of the head-scratcher for the typical workforce. They are unpredictable as they are more keen observers of their environment, thereby working on their own ways but with the same goal of the market. However, with their pickiness, they grow interest in cooperation and activism.

  1. Millennials are visual.

This generation presents themselves as visuals that focus on presentation. They will appreciate a product or a service if, for instance, it looks good on social media and photographs. The Millennials are, no doubt, the Selfie Generation after all.

  1. Millenials are eager.

In a sense, they are also labeled as impatient, but the Millennials are enthusiastic to how the future will bring them. They wanted to see great results of their work in an instant. They wanted to raise to the top as willing as they seem. They are edgy and impatient but they are eager.


Having the idea and the admiration of the Millennials, better than not, you readers are part of this generation as well. So do not sulk when you have to follow and stick with what is familiar – mainstream. Get out of your box because you might be the change the world needs, The NEW GREATEST GENERATION, The ME GENERATION.




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