How I Became Unemployed



The unemployment pool and the thought of being part of it are really scary.

Think of yourself living on your own, independently, away from the help of your family in a small rugged apartment that costs you 25% of your salary. You eat three times a day, buy groceries almost two times a month. You commute 6 times a day to and from your home and workplace. In the end you roughly spent 85% of your entire salary FOR ALL THESE EXPENSES. That ends up having 15% of your salary to burn – for your leisure time with friends or even just yourself. THAT IS SCARIER for me.

But just before all these numbers hit me on the throat, I was deeply lost.

As I graduated from college, I did not know where to start.

I made a pact to myself of a minimum amount of salary that I should get from my FIRST EVERY TASTE OF THE REAL WORLD.

I applied for a lot of jobs, every one of them, I hit a mark.

But I chose a job which I thought might be a gateway for me to hone the course I graduated from.

Unluckily, I was so eager to start working that I forgot the pact I made with myself.

In the end, I was earning 60% of supposed to be my target SALARY after graduation – my 100%. Whoa! THAT WAS 40% which I did not earn for almost 2 years. ACK!!!

So just two weeks ago, I sent my resignation letter and haggled for another path – which actually I do not know where to lead yet. For the meantime, I am UNEMPLOYED.


I had my first taste of everything after I was hired on my first job. And sad to say, the last part was not that sweet at all. It was so bitter I can’t compare it with a bitter gourd. It was more. It was sad and traumatic and depressing and really really really disappointing.


Simply put, I QUITTED. This should not be the question anymore… but HOW I AM OVERCOMING THE IDEA THAT I AM UNEMPLOYED.

First, I looked back to why I decided to take the course I graduated from. I have been an avid fan of entrepreneurs who invest on human development. I wanted to be like one of them. I wanted to help other people become the person they wanted to be by giving them jobs to feed their families.

Then I became so open with the ideas of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES that will come my way. Instead of sulking myself from the depression I once had, I became too obsessed with greener pastures to guide me as I grow and be better with myself.

I also had a LOT of asking myself where I wanted to be after 5 years of so. A LOT OF ASKING!!!

“What will I do? Where will I go? How will I do it? Who will help me?” … stuff like that.

Lastly, I will not be able to share with you these thoughts and revelation that KIM. IS. UNEMPLOYED., even with the ego in me that people might pity me, without the help of the divine intervention I asked from Thy Father. Without Him, I might have ended everything already. But I am surviving. THE LORD WILL PROVIDE but first, you must help yourself stand up as well.

So that is how my story went. Please feel free to comment your reactions below so I may respond to you. Thank you for reading! CIAO~ J




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