SUNDAY THOUGHTS: I could rip my heart for you.

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Caring for someone too much is like giving a part of your whole existence.

There are just those days in our lives that we value people too much even though we know that prioritizing their welfare more that yours could be painful.

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Finding What You are Passionate About


Have you ever had an entire day just contemplating how life had hit you hard and how you are still standing up?

In the turnout of today’s events, a lot of unfortunate events had happened around the globe… and your bad day is also one of them.

Let me share to you my insight for today as I take a step back and realize how great and depressing a lot of stuff have happened in my life.

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Hi guys!


I have been in a state of a complete block in ideas these past few days. It is as if I do not know what to do, where to go, how to be inspired again.So for the past days, I tried reading motivational quotes and pieces to keep me going, but still, to no avail I failed.

I have been asking myself the question whether AM I LOSING THE MOTIVATIONAL SPIRIT OR JUST MISPLACED IT SOMEWHERE WITHIN ME over and over every day.

Isn’t it just amazing waking up one morning and telling the world “HEY! I AM SO MOTIVATED TODAY!”

Actually, if you are feeling the same way as I do, I tell you, YOU DO NOT NEED ANY EXTERNAL FACTOR TO KEEP YOURSELF MOTIVATED… EVEN THIS BLOG POST.

So before you dwell too much on the negativity this post *might* bring, let me spice it up a little bit by giving you TIPS on how to kill the demon inside that DEMOTIVATES you.


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